Jordan Zipkin is a licensed psychotherapist located in Palm Beach Gardens & Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jordan specializes in trauma recovery, family conflict resolution, and self-esteem building



You’ve been through so much.  You want to keep the past in its place, but you find it keeps affecting you.  You’re tired of it.  We can collaborate to understand and support you as you free yourself of the hold inflicted upon you by your past.


Relationship Difficulties


Things between you and your partner are just not the same as before.  Too often, you find you two aren’t talking, spending time together, or happy with each other.  You so want it to go back to how it was.  We can help you figure out what’s changed and why, as well as assist you in developing some helpful skills, like clear and assertive communication tools, to help you re-invigorate your relationship.  




It’s all so overwhelming.  You want to just shut off your mind and emotions if only for a brief moment.  We can work together to help you quiet your mind, calm your emotions, and live that much more peaceful life you’ve wanted for some time.

Jordan Zipkin

Experienced psychotherapist in private practice with 6+ years of success driving positive outcomes.

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