My Childhood Was Not Great. Now What?

As children, we depend on adults (particularly our caregivers) to consistently support, nurture, and protect us. When they do, we’re more likely to develop a healthy view of ourselves, others, and the world. For instance, we’re then inclined to believe: We are lovable. People are trustworthy and dependable. The world is a safe place. Meanwhile, when we experience our caregivers...[ read more ]

How to Understand and Overcome the Impact of Trauma on Our Bodies.

Our bodies respond to trauma or any negative experience that impacts us, in several ways.  These responses are our bodies' best attempt to help us recover from the trauma and prevent us from enduring any future difficulties. The problem, though, is that these responses can also cause us considerable pain.  In this blog, we will look closely at the way trauma...[ read more ]

Your Brain on Trauma

Trauma hijacks the brain, but only with the best intentions: to ensure our survival.  Imagine the following scenario: you are walking by a canal and an alligator walks towards you.  You don’t have time to think; you need to act. Three parts of your brain need to swiftly work to ensure your immediate action: the thinking center (prefrontal cortex), emotion...[ read more ]

What You Need to Know About How Trauma Affects the Mind

Trauma is any negative event that causes us distress, so we have all had and will continue to experience, trauma in our lives. When we endure a trauma, we must respond in some way in order to survive. Depending on how often and intensely we experience these various negative events, they affect our minds, brains, and bodies in different ways....[ read more ]

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